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RuneScape: EoC - How to sheat/unsheat or remove weapons from your back (1080p)
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Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 17:55 GMT
Views: 9,632
Votes: 85 (0.88%)
Likes: 82 (0.85%)
Dislikes: 3 (0.03%)
Updated 35.1h ago
Description by: GamingReviews

RuneScape: Evolution of Combat - How to sheat/unsheat or remove weapons from your back in Runescape.

This was something I noticed that got a lot of requests on the internet. Many people accidentically hit a button (*) or accidentically clicked the sheat/unsheat option without knowing it. Then they forget how they did it and it's hard to notice that option, so I made a video for it. Have fun!

NOTICE: The font used in this video was created by me and I do not intend to use it for commercial purposes or distribute it as downloadable font over the internet. Do not contact me for the font as I will not reply to it. Thanks for your comprehension.
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