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World At War Zombie Mods!!!! Best Mod Menu (USB) Xbox 360 (DOWNLOADS)
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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 19:17 GMT
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Updated 46.1h ago
Description by: xaGuyUnderYoux

I decided to start doing tutorials for anyone who still cant figure it out. sometimes things get messed up but as of right now this is the best mod menu that works for the latest patch.


when using this mod iv experimented. ALOT and found some solutions to problems you may experience like i did. for example the number 1 problem i have:

BAD CONNECTION which with this mod forces you to be host but has put me into non host position from a migration at the last second so until i fix it even as host, the entire thing is messed up and you cant really use the mod menu sufficiently. THIS CAN BE FIXED by going into multiplayer lobby of your own by just clicking multiplayer on the main menu. this turns off your mods so you go back to the main menu and do everything you would as you were first turning on your game. if you do not fix this you wont be host of public matches and even in private matches you'll have a hard time.


Thanks to MasterModz for making these menus!!

Modding with Horizon (How to):

USB Xtaf Explorer:
MasterModz Mod Menu:

for the mod menu its in the first folder on every screen. once you open up the first folder keep opening the top one. you should find the save game

STEPS: (Because of horrible Audio)

1. Get a save game of world at war
2. Go to System Settings and move or copy the save file onto your flash drive(USB)
3. Plug flash drive into your computer
4. Open up USBXtaf and open device selector
5. Select your device
6. Open up Data Partition and open up the first folder and then open up the one called 4156081C (this is the world at war save game folder)
7. Open Modio
8. Click and drag saved game from device into Modio
9. Open modded folder and click and drag save game into Modio as well
10. Copy Profile ID and Device ID from YOUR SAVE GAME into the modded game. dont mix these up because it will fail!!
11. Rehash and Resign!!!! (Must do this as well)
12. Close USBXtaf or just the device
13. Put the USB stick into your Xbox
14. Copy or Move the save game back onto your Hard Drive (you dont have to sometimes its just easier)
15. Start up world at war and select wherever you have the save game for loading your game
16. Go to Solo/Resume Game and it should load fast and kick you back to the Start menu
17. Start a nazi zombies game anywhere and hit select to start the Mods and follow the on-screen instructions
18. Comment and Subscribe to my channel!!!!

Any questions you can comment or message me or send me a message on my xbox gamertag: xaGuyUnderYoux
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