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NBA 2K13 Ultimate Dunking Tutorial: How To do 360's, Between The Legs & More
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Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2012 15:41 GMT
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Description by: ShakeDown2012

NBA 2K13 Dunking Tutorial How To Do 360's Between The Legs Spin Dunks Reverses Foul Line Dunk featuring Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan

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The Instrumental is "The Game Needs Me" by bmagicdabeast
He has some of the best Beats on YouTube:

1:44 How To Dunk
2:06 How To Do A Reverse Dunk. Reversals
2:37 How To Do Michael Jordan's Foul Line Dunk. Jump From the Free throw Line.
3:14 How To Do a Spin Dunk
3:36 How To Do a 360 Dunk
5:08 How To D a Between The Legs Dunk
5:31 How To Do a 360 Between The Legs Dunk

PS3 Controls:
Dunk: R2 + Square
Reversal: R2 + LS away from the basket & Square
Jordan Foul Line: L2 + R2 & Square at the Foul Line
360, 360 Between The Legs & Spin Dunks: Hold R2 & Double Tap "O" then Press Square
Between The Legs Dunk: While driving to the rim hold R2 & Press Square.

* Some of these dunks aren't as consistent as others.
* Your dunk package can get in the way of other dunks.
* Holding LT & RT (L2 & R2 for PS3) Can help you do specialized dunks.
* 360s are easier than it sounds. Practice makes perfect.
* This tutorial was for the default controls. Holding LT (L2 for PS3) will revert back to the old controls you're use to from previous 2K basketball installments.

Thanks to VisualVids4u for the nice Twitter Outro

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