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World At War USB Mod Menu Tutorial No Jailbreak! How To Get a COD 5 WAW Mod Menu!
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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 00:14 GMT
Views: 170,896
Votes: 2,262 (1.32%)
Likes: 2,091 (1.22%)
Dislikes: 171 (0.1%)
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Description by: Mtraverse21

Please leave a like for this really awesome mod menu for Call of Duty World At War with no jailbreak needed! Please subscribe and follow the directions in the video to get the mod menu!

World at war editor:

Codes to put in root of USB (inside of no folder on usb)
Codes to put in world at war editor
exec "../../../dev_usb000/FirstMenu.cfg"
exec "../../../dev_usb000/Player.cfg"
exec "../../../dev_usb000/HostMenu.cfg"
exec "../../../dev_usb000/SecondMenu.cfg"
exec "../../../dev_usb000/MenuThrd.cfg"
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Son Info
Song 1
Song: Defiant - Powerful Effect
Defiant's channel: "
Subscribe to his channel:
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Download Defiant - Powerful Effect for free:
Song 2
Song: Sidelines
Artist: Ace
Suscribe to his YouTube:
Mod Creator:

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