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AdulteryCraft - Best Tekkit Server!! PVP, Nukes, Factions, Economy
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Upload by:
Shawn Murphie
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 04:25 GMT
Views: 2,419
Votes: 10 (0.41%)
Likes: 6 (0.25%)
Dislikes: 4 (0.17%)
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Description by: Shawn Murphie

Note: Will be uploading a new video of spawn on our actual AdulteryCraft Youtube page. This time with music =D.

AdulteryCraft - Where The Pervy's Go!

What is the best tekkit server?
Best Tekkit Server Around!


About the Server

-We're mostly anarchy but we do have banned items that are Enable Godmode, Invinc, and can Grief Spawn
-24/7 Dedicated Server (3.4Ghz Quadcore, 32Gb Ram, 128SSD SataIII, 10K Gb Bandwidth, 1GBPS Net Speed)
-Griefing is allowed anywhere except spawn
-No Spawn Killing will result in temp ban followed by a perma ban
-We have LWC enabled
-We're a PVP
-Quantum is allowed except chest
-Alchemy bags are allowed
-Admin shops enabled
-Great Donation options
-Voting gets you items and cash
-Rankup system so you can gain access to more items
-Theft within factions is allowed as well so becareful who you recruit
-Maze PVP (Currently in the process of being this maze and us admin will host it throughout the day to where you all run through the maze and try to find the entrance while pvping each other and avoiding deadly traps =D)
-Bases above the nether bedrock is allowed (We turned all bedrock into dirt)

Appeal on our Forums. Look to find the appeal.
No Hacking = Ban
No Spamming (Every 5 Secs) = Mute 1 Min, 2nd Off Mute 30 Mins, 3rd Off Tempban 1 Day
No Duping/Caught with Duping Item = Player File Wipe, No Exceptions
No Glitching Into People Base's = Jail 1 Day & /Slay, 2nd Off Pfile Wipe & Temp Ban 1 Day
(Means Boat Glitch, Minecraft Glitch)
No Spam (3 Times Asking) Begging for items or staff = Mute 5 Mins, Mute 30 Mins, Mute 1 Day
Stealing and Griefing In Factions is allowed
Tricking people into your faction and killing them is allowed
Scamming is allowed (Go get revenge on the scammers .)
Nukes/RM Furnace are allowed
Disrespecting Staff will result in mute and possibly ban
Want to become Staff? Make an app on our forums.

Plugin List

Essentials, Factions, Factionsplus, Votifier, WorldGuard, Rankup, PaidRanks, Stargate, PVPTimer, Treasurehunt, LWC, Economy, Spam Guard, DeathTPPlus, SuperPickaxe, Chatco, Buycraft. +More

Item Banlist - Website Banlist explaining why things are banned:
-Zero Ring
-Nova Catalyst
-Nova Cataclysm
-Blackhole Chest
-Nuke (Banned in Spawn Only)
-World Anchor
-Red Matter Hammer (Banned in Spawn Only)
-Dark Matter Hammer (Banned in Spawn Only)
-Red Morning Star (Banned in Spawn Only)
-Watch of flowing time
-Quantum Chest
-Abyss Armor
-Destruction Catalyst
-Pipes & Quarries causes 72% of our lag.
and more. List in spawn. and on our website.
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