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@@Pokemon Conquest English Rom Download@@
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Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2012 12:05 GMT
Views: 21,733
Votes: 46 (0.21%)
Likes: 41 (0.19%)
Dislikes: 5 (0.02%)
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Description by: pokemonconquestromds

(NOTICE: link below is udpated with fully english (U) game. don't mind the video - it's from english patched version of this game)

Pokémon Conquest / Nobunaga's Ambition English Rom + Pc Emulator Dwonload Link

Game + Emulator Package Download:

No Password, just download and play.


Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 DS ROM Download Links, Have Fun!!!
(Each Package Contains Emulator and ROM With English Translation Patch)


NOTICE: you need to complete a simple survey to get the password to this games: Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, rest of the games are completely free. I spend my precious time to get you what you want, if you can't spend just one minute on solving an easy survey and appreciate my hard work then please go look for your game somewhere else! Like i said rest of the games that are available on this channel are completely free, no passwords and so on.


Pokémon Conquest is a turn-based strategy battle game. Up to six Pokémon on each side are positioned on the battlefield, one for each participating Warlord, and both sides take turns moving and attacking with their Pokémon. A battle is won or lost when one side achieves the victory conditions for the match, for example defeating all the opponent's Pokémon, or capturing all the flags on the field, and so on. When a battle is won, all participating Pokémon gain points to their Link with their respective Warlords.

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